‘IoT Interoperability: Dynamic Roaming’ whitepaper investigates how existing Wi-Fi roaming capabilities could help the IoT market with the evolution of IoT Device roaming, ensuring devices can seamlessly ‘talk’ to each other. The aim of the study is to provide a framework for IoT roaming, demonstrating the value and opportunities to enhance the functionality for existing technologies with the use of the WBA’s Wireless Roaming Intermediary eXchange (WRIX) specification, in areas such as authentication, financial and data clearing, invoicing, security and automation.

The study outlines how WRIX – the use of a modularized set of specifications to facilitate roaming between operators – can be used across the IoT Market for lessons learned, best practices and standards when developing each technology’s roaming specifications. Using the WRIX specification as a guideline for roaming, organisations can prepare their networks to facilitate simple, seamless and secure IoT connectivity for their users. The report highlights several areas where WRIX can be used or enhanced to address the immediate challenge of massive scalability. These include:

    • Adding RADSEC capabilities to the WRIX framework to enhance the security of IoT applications and enable automatic security for new deployment scenarios.
    • Using the WRIX framework as best practice to address the issue of identity and authentication between security domains.
    • Expanding the current WRIX definitions and specifications to include LoRa Alliance and MulteFire Alliance roaming support, to allow other IoT use cases to be supported.
    • For IoT technology that was built from the ground up, and therefore, involve a specific assessment on interwork possibilities, WBA outlines collaboration opportunities.

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