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Wi-Fi Roaming Business Case

WBA suggests that up to 70% of international travellers now rely on Wi-Fi networks to stay connected while abroad.

Our latest white paper Wi-Fi Roaming examines how to leverage this opportunity to create new services and products that can result in additional roaming revenues, while delivering an outstanding user experience.

Packed with facts, stats and business cases, the white paper covers:

• Roaming set-up best practices for service providers
• Benefits from providing roaming services
• Suitable strategies to adopt
• Wi-Fi roaming business models
• Next Gen Wi-Fi ready network insights from the industry and global Operator

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City Wi-Fi Status Report

WBA and Connected City Advisory Board Report, October 2015

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Towards 2020: Emerging Opportunities for Wi-Fi Services

WBA and Maravedis Rethink Interim Report, May 2015.

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Location Based Services (LBS) Over Wi-Fi

With carrier-grade Wi-Fi emerging as the preferred access solution in many buildings and venues, carriers are expected to leverage their Wi-Fi networks to gain traction for indoor Location Based Services (LBS). They will also partner with indoor location providers to offer value-added services to existing retail clients. Public venue Wi-Fi is now a hot topic, and carriers and vendors are aggressively working on LBS solutions.

This report identifies use cases for the growing areas of location information services, analytics, and advertising in markets such as retail, hospitality, enterprise, public venues, entertainment, and emergency services. It examines the functional requirements of LBS deployments and the technology existing today to meet those requirements.

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