The Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines and Compliance Checklist that define the best practices for mobile network operators, wireless network operators and infrastructure vendors in order to deploy benchmark Wi-Fi networks. The full Guidelines is available to WBA members only. It will act as a user manual for existing and future Wi-Fi deployments.

Available to the general public, the Checklist has been developed to ensure a high-level industry-wide standardized assessment for efficient Wi-Fi network deployment.

Acting as an educational tool for the industry, both the Guidelines and the Checklist cover a collection of baseline standards that encompass the lifecycle deployment phases including: Planning Guidelines, Site Survey, Radio Spectrum Analysis, Wi-Fi Network Implementation, and Configuration and Operation.

This umbrella forms the basis of the Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines Series that the WBA will extend to key industry verticals and applications throughout 2018. The four focus areas making up the series include: In-Flight Connectivity, EnterpriseWi-Fi, Venue/Stadium Wi-Fi, City Wi-Fi, and Hospitality Wi-Fi.

The WBA invites the Wireless industry stakeholders to get in contact to fast track their Wi-Fi deployment and for any advice on how to overcome the challenges associated with deployment.

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