WBA OpenRoamingTM creates the framework to connect billions of users and things to millions of Wi-Fi networks globally

WBA OpenRoamingTM is a roaming federation service enabling an automatic and secure Wi-Fi experience globally. With WBA OpenRoamingTM, we are creating an open connectivity framework for all organizations in the wireless ecosystem to power new opportunities in the 5G era.

It encompasses three key elements:

  • Cloud federation: creates a federation of networks and identity providers to enable automatic roaming and user onboarding on Wi-Fi. Based on WBA’s Wireless Roaming Intermediary eXchange (WRIX) standards to scale and facilitate different business models under a harmonized framework.

  • Cyber Security: enables simple, secure and scalable Wi-Fi connections amongst different organizations that are part of WBA OpenRoaming™. Allowing automatic and secure roaming between millions of networks, nationally and globally with secured interconnection and encrypted communications.
  • Network automation: defines an automated roaming consortium codes framework (RCOI) to support policy provision on devices and networks. Organizations that manage a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint®-enabled network may become part of the WBA OpenRoaming™ federation.

WBA OpenRoaming™ transforms the Wi-Fi experience for consumers and businesses and ultimately opens up opportunities for broadband and the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity across business verticals, including retail, hospitality, education, smart cities, automotive and aviation, among many others. Devices simply connect automatically and securely on to the WBA OpenRoaming™ network.