How does WBA OpenRoaming™ work?

OpenRoamingTM brings together a federation of networks and identity providers, allowing users to join any network managed by a federation member. Companies who join OpenRoamingTM provide assurance that their Wi-Fi networks automatically interoperate between each other to deliver an automatic and secure connected Wi-Fi experience.

WBA OpenRoamingTM enables companies to accelerate and scale Wi-Fi roaming relationships. Enabled networks can automatically onboard users securely leveraging established identity providers such as operators, cloud IDs, loyalty membership, bridging the gap between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

WBA OpenRoamingTM is a framework that brings together key capabilities to create the federation and enables it to scale and work on a global basis.

With OpenRoamingTM WBA is acting as a centralized policy authority enabling an ecosystem for identity providers and Wi-Fi network providers to work together and deliver automatic and secure Wi-Fi experience to millions of users

WBA OpenRoaming is based on a set of business and technical components that enables the function of the roaming federation


  • Join the WBA OpenRoamingTM federation
  • Connect your network to the OpenRoamingTM federation and/or set up your user credentials to connect to the federation

  • Start broadcasting OpenRoamingTM on your network and/or deliver credentials to your users that are OpenRoamingTM enabled

  • Enjoy automatic and secure Wi-Fi