Within the WBA OpenRoamingTM ecosystem, each player has a role and can enhance and increase their business value by becoming part of the federation


  • Provide an off-the-shelf solution using WBA OpenRoamingTM to connect network providers and Identity providers
  • Grow your customer relationships leading to business and revenue growth
  • Support your customers by providing WBA OpenRoamingTM interconnection services, identity creation and other added value services
  • Enlarge your portfolio of innovative services by providing WBA OpenRoamingTM
  • Provide a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi experience by enabling automatic and secure connectivity to Wi-Fi networks to your customers
  • Provides unprecedented global reach to millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots supported by WBA OpenRoamingTM partners for your customers in venues from operators, enterprises, cities, among others
  • Extend value for your customers and increase relevancy of your services
  • Enlarge your customer satisfaction and show innovative services by enabling WBA OpenRoamingTM
  • Keep customers connected with WBA OpenRoamingTM while reducing operating expenses by way of Wi-Fi offload
  • Solve your Wi-Fi authentication challenge for your customers and visitors by providing automatic and secure Wi-Fi with WBA OpenRoamingTM
  • Provides Wi-Fi access in your property to billions of Wi-Fi devices supported by WBA OpenRoamingTM members
  • Grow your business opportunities with Wi-Fi Roaming & Offload
  • Prepare your Wi-Fi network for convergence with 5G and be ready to be used by any device with a cellular SIM-Card & services
  • Provide a better Wi-Fi experience with innovative services to ease the life of your customers and visitors
  • WBA OpenRoamingTM improves consumers satisfaction with guest & public Wi-Fi access by delivering an automatic and secure Wi-Fi experience across the World.
  • End users can now connect to all type of Wi-Fi networks – coffee-shops, restaurants, malls, retail, cities among others – no matter where you go.