The Connected City Blueprint 2017/18 serves as a guideline for cities and government authorities looking for support in the approach and development of their Connected City Plans. It includes valuable lessons to be learned from the most successful early adopters, and is a source for the broader wireless industry to better understand the challenges and opportunities the Connected City and Smart City ecosystem offers.

This latest edition also explores how different technologies can help cities develop their Connected City Plans to tackle urban challenges, whilst highlighting the need for engagement with and collaboration between the different stakeholders, including the Citizens, City Authorities, Private Sector Companies, Innovators and Entrepreneurs and Academia, in order to achieve success.

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2016/2017 Edition:

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The Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB) develops, shares and promotes thought-leadership and practical framework for the social and economic development and sustainable operation of the Connected City ecosystem.

Internet connectivity, at its core, is a civilization changer on the same level as roadways, water systems and electric grids. It is redefining the way people interact with the world, access and share information, and improving the way we live work and play. It’s a universal, global need that supersedes economic status, language and location. Having a global connectivity infrastructure provides the real potential to transform civilization forever.


Build awareness, advocacy and global availability of Connectivity guided by the leadership of Connected Cities. These Cities will guide and mobilize the industry through the adoption of standards and best practices as defined by the shared knowledge of the Connected Cities Advisory Board (CCAB).

Charter of the Connected City Advisory Board

Guiding Principles

Address and reduce the digital divide and ensure digital equality through accessible and universal Internet Connectivity

Improve the quality of life of residents through hyper-connected and digital-first cities leadership

Establish and grow Smart Cities partnerships to increase shared knowledge and inform decision making


Make Connectivity more available, secure and universal to all citizens

Champion the benefits of a Connected City

Foster the development of state-of-the-art Connectivity infrastructures in Cities

Build and grow a robust network of Connected Cities


Access to collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing opportunities

Connected Cities guidance documents, reports and research

Focused representation and industry advocacy


Best practices, guidelines, roadmaps, white papers and recommendations

Market research, surveys, indexes, trials/tests and showcases

Virtual platform for networking and knowledge sharing

Partnerships/business models (Public Private) and monetization opportunities

It’s a unique platform for City Managers and CIOs to knowledge-share challenges and opportunities in the development and execution of Smart Cities, establish best practice and determine a strategy to leverage public-private partnerships. This invitation-only CCAB group encompasses representatives from major governmental and industry associations that are involved in Connected and Smart City development.

Who Should Participate?

The membership of the CCAB consists of a select group of city CIOs and senior city and government officials along with invited industry experts and members of the WBA Board directors.

Goals of the Connected City Advisory Board

Promote the development of Connected City plans and blue prints, creation of public-private ecosystems and collaboration mechanisms for resource contributions and shared risks and rewards/incentives.

Recognize and disseminate information about the best practices, challenges and opportunities in the development and execution of Connected City plans.

Interact with and integrate unlicensed and licensed spectrum based services and business models to enable connectivity, Internet of Things and other relevant opportunities for connected city residents, visitors and businesses.

Create an environment for City Managers and CIOs to knowledge-share and create best practices with their counterparts in other cities.

Discuss ways to optimize technology delivery in the most practical manner possible to deliver the greatest societal benefit, to account for privacy and security concerns and to determine the best way to leverage public/private partnerships.

Alphonso Jenkins

Alphonso Jenkins

Deputy Commissioner for Telecommunications Planning

Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, New York City

Chris Bruce

Chris Bruce


Managing Director, GlobalReach Technology

JR Wilson

JR Wilson


WBA and VP Partnerships & Alliances – AT&T Mobility

Hock Yun Khoong

Khoong Hock Yun

Assistant Chief Executive

Development Group of IMDA (Singapore)

Miguel Gamino

Miguel Gamino

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

New York City

Reza Jafari

Reza Jafari

Chairman & CEO

E-Development International

Shrikant Shenwai

Shrikant Shenwai


Wireless Broadband Alliance

Cities & Governments participating in the CCAB:

Voltana Ademi


City of Shkodra

Filipe Araujo

City Councillor for Innovation and Environment

City of Porto

Tengku Azrul

Head of Special Projects & Partnerships

Cyberview / Cyberjaya (Government of Malaysia)


Hardik Bhatt

State CIO

Office of Governor, Bruce Rauner – State of Illinois

Mihai Bilauca

Head of Digital Strategy

Limerick City & County Council

Louis Napoleon C. Casambre

Executive Director

Department of Science & Technology

Jamie Cudden

Smart City Co-ordinator

Dublin City Council

Ellen Cutler

Director of Investment

Invest Liverpool

Kenneth Bukowski

Acting CIO and Executive Director of the Department of Technology

City and County of San Francisco

Ivan Gromov

Chairman of Committee on IT and Communications

City of Saint Petersburg

Agron Haxhimali

Executive Director

Association of Albanian Municipalities

Khoong Hock Yun

Assistant Chief Executive

Development Group

Alphonso Jenkins

Deputy Commissioner

Telecom Planning

Mrs. Dhiandini Dini

Smart City Manager

City of Bandung

Pawan Sharma

IT Secretary

Government of Delhi

V. Manjula

Principal Secretary, Department of IT, BT and S&T

State of Karnataka (India)

Sylvain Mayer

Manager of Innovation & Collaboration

City of Calgary

Jayesh Ranjan

Secretary Government

State of Telangana (India)

Jonathan Reichental

Chief Information Officer

City of Palo Alto

Rob Lloyd

Chief Information Officer

City of San Jose

Antoni Carol Vilanova

Director of Smart Cities – Telecommunications

City of Barcelona

Salomón Chertoriviski Woldenberg

Secretary of Economic Development


Geoff Snelson

Director of Strategy at Milton Keynes City Council

City of Milton Keynes

Andrey Belozerov

Deputy CIO

City of Moscow

Igor Soloviev

Chief IT Director

City of Skolkovo

Michelle Duggan

Partnership Officer

Newcastle City Futures

Steve Smith

Digital Design & Delivery Information Services

Northumberland County Council

Graeme Hobbs

Non Executive Chairman

Bristol is Open

Mr. DN Modi

Municipal Commissioner

City of Gandhinagar

Alliances & Partnerships participating in the CCAB:

Jeremy Schneider

Chief Technology Officer

Alliance for Downtown New York

David Witkowski

Executive Director, Wireless Communications Initiative

Joint Venture Silicon Valley

Lidia Cobas

Technical Secretariat

UCLG Committee of Digital and Knowledge-Based Cities

Qu Ming

Special Advisor

Connected City Advisory Board  (CCAB) in Mainland China Region

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