Open to any organizationOpen to any organization with revenues below $50M per annumAny organization looking to implement OpenRoaming™
(must have access to end users or hotspots)
Any subsidiary of a General member
One-time Joining Fee$14,000$9,000$3,000$5,000
Annual Membership Fee$18,000$8,000$3,000$5,000
Participation & Development in WBA Programs
Workgroups and trials participation and contribution
Workgroups leadership positions (Chair, Project Leader, Editor)
Voting rights on technical, marketing and policy workgroups and activities
Participation and development of test plans and certification programs
Apply for products and services certification
Wi-Fi unique organization identifier (WBAID)
Collaboration Tools & Extranet access - Members only
WBA collaboration tools for networking and information sharing
Access to workgroups documentation, standards and guidelines
Extranet for repository, meetings calendar and project information
Access to members infocentre and database
Presence in Events: Wireless Global Congress and PMO Working Sessions
Congress delegate passes4414
Working sessions attendance
Discounts on delegate passes, sponsorship and exhibition space
OpenRoaming ™ & Next-Gen Wi-Fi showcase & trials
Vision forum, Industry awards and other Networking activities
Integrated Marketing & Market Intelligence
Publication of member press releases, white wapers, case studies, etc
Member use of the WBA branding
Social media campaigns, webinars and blog posts
Industry reports and Members’ case studies
WBA OpenRoaming Framework
OpenRoaming™ Ecosystem Broker (I-CA and Agent - certificate/identity management)
Authorized partner to broadcast OpenRoaming™ RCOI (12 months to implement)
Unique WBAID for Roaming (Interconnection, financial and data exchange)
Access to OpenRoaming ™ members-only group and standards
Utilize WBA and OpenRoaming™ federation logo & assets
* - Limited to ONE project