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The Definitive Guide to Central Wi-Fi Authentication for Hotel Brands

Free, reliable Wi-Fi continues to be the #1 most desired amenity. Yet, hotel brands still continue to struggle with how to deliver a consistent, high performance experience when each of their properties has its own network hardware, software and service provider.

Central authentication allows brands to manage guest authentication and network performance from a simple web interface to deliver great guest Wi-Fi, always and everywhere. In this guide we’ll cover what central Wi-Fi authentication is and how hotel brands can leverage Wi-Fi to build loyalty.

04 - 02 - 20  |  Members articles & case studies

Hotspot 2.0 in Hospitality

Wondering if Hotspot 2.0 is a viable technology for your hotel Wi-Fi strategy or just another fad? In this free white paper, you’ll learn how Hotspot 2.0 technology enables simple, seamless, and secure connectivity and the impact it has on brand loyalty and the bottom line, while equipping hotels with the right network infrastructure for the future.

04 - 02 - 20  |  Members articles & case studies

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