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WiFi Motion Intelligence: The Fundamentals

A Case Study by Telefónica, Quantenna, and Aerial Technologies

This document summarizes the pillars behind the technologies developed by Aerial Technologies and the result of the Precommercial pilot with Telefónica. The reader will be able to understand the sensing mechanism used by Aerial and how they leverage the existing WiFi infrastructure to perform device-free human activity classification and how this technology was used in the pilot with Telefónica.

02 - 06 - 20  |  Members articles & case studies

In-Home Wi-Fi – Use Cases Public Executive Summary

The WBA recently outlined the recommended industry guidelines and best practices for operators to achieve high-quality In-Home Wi-Fi. With building construction and layout having a material impact on coverage of Wi-Fi within a home, it was identified that homes increasingly require Wi-Fi networks comprised of multiple access points. The complexity of delivery and management of these access points can ultimately impact performance and customer satisfaction.

In the latest stage of WBA’s In-Home Wi-Fi program, we are building on this previous report with the goal of extending it to define the standards that create the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi experience. The following executive summary provides an understanding of its scope, use cases, and path towards interoperability testing.

The In-Home Multi-AP Use Case Scope Document is brought to you by WBA Next Gen Work Group – In-Home Wi-Fi Project Team. Please contact us to find out more about the full document available to WBA members.

15 - 06 - 20  |  WBA white papers
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