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WiFi Motion Intelligence: The Fundamentals

A Case Study by Telefónica, Quantenna, and Aerial Technologies

This document summarizes the pillars behind the technologies developed by Aerial Technologies and the result of the Precommercial pilot with Telefónica. The reader will be able to understand the sensing mechanism used by Aerial and how they leverage the existing WiFi infrastructure to perform device-free human activity classification and how this technology was used in the pilot with Telefónica.

02 - 06 - 20  |  Members articles & case studies

The Definitive Guide to Central Wi-Fi Authentication for Hotel Brands

Free, reliable Wi-Fi continues to be the #1 most desired amenity. Yet, hotel brands still continue to struggle with how to deliver a consistent, high performance experience when each of their properties has its own network hardware, software and service provider.

Central authentication allows brands to manage guest authentication and network performance from a simple web interface to deliver great guest Wi-Fi, always and everywhere. In this guide we’ll cover what central Wi-Fi authentication is and how hotel brands can leverage Wi-Fi to build loyalty.

04 - 02 - 20  |  Members articles & case studies

Hotspot 2.0 in Hospitality

Wondering if Hotspot 2.0 is a viable technology for your hotel Wi-Fi strategy or just another fad? In this free white paper, you’ll learn how Hotspot 2.0 technology enables simple, seamless, and secure connectivity and the impact it has on brand loyalty and the bottom line, while equipping hotels with the right network infrastructure for the future.

04 - 02 - 20  |  Members articles & case studies

Gramofon “Best Wi-Fi Service Innovation”

Gramofon turns any existing sound system into a wireless music player. By plugging
the Wi-Fi Music Player into a stereo or home sound system and connecting it via Wi-Fi
to the internet, Gramofon streams music directly from music apps such as Spotify for
a seamless home audio experience.

01 - 03 - 15  |  Members articles & case studies

Interoperability Compliance Programme (ICP) – Business Benefits

The WBA’s Interoperability Compliance Program facilitates and simplifies the implementation and growth of Wi-Fi roaming. Find out more.

01 - 03 - 15  |  Members articles & case studies

First-of-its-kind Wi-Fi Roaming Solution delivered in Indonesia

With the explosive adoption of Wi-Fi connected devices, consumer demand is increasing for mobile Internet access, corporate intranets and applications.

01 - 01 - 15  |  Members articles & case studies

Sporting Venues: World Cup, Brazil

Stadiums and arenas are amongst the most difficult locations imaginable to
deploy Wi-Fi networks because of the requirement for both very high
performance and very high density. The Maracana Stadium in Rio can seat 76,000
fans in a fairly confined space. Providing high-speed wireless services in such an
environment requires carrier class equipment along with deployment expertise.

01 - 09 - 14  |  Members articles & case studies

Boingo Drives the Next Generation Hotspot Revolution

The winds of change are blowing through the mobile industry. Next Generation Hotspot (NGH)
promises to deliver an entirely new era of seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, which stands to benefit users and providers alike.
However, as with any significant leap forward in technology, there have to be instigators; those
who are willing to act as catalysts, performing yeoman’s work in the hope of pushing the
industry forward and collectively achieving something truly brilliant.
In the case of NGH, one of the catalysts for change is Boingo Wireless.

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