Using BT Whole Home Wi-Fi to control your home wi-fi network and stream, watch, share and download is now even simpler with the latest update to the Whole Home Wi-Fi app.

Market leading Whole Home Wi-Fi from BT gives you seamless high-speed wi-fi around the home from a supercharged mesh network. Three small discs automatically connect all of your home to the fastest, strongest internet wi-fi signal, so you can enjoy TV, films, music and games on any device, in any room, with no dead zones or drop-outs.

The new improved app gives you greater control over who uses your wi-fi and when including:

• Smart wi-fi scheduling
• Bedtime controls
• Guest wi-fi network

Smart wi-fi scheduling

The new app lets you control wi-fi access for individual users or groups of devices in a number of different ways, helping you manage how long your kids spend online.
• You can use the one-off pause button to get the kids off the internet when they are supposed to be doing their homework.
• You can restrict access to wi-fi at specific times so, for example, no more phones at the dinner table.
• You can pause the internet for a selected time period after which it automatically restarts.

You can apply all these rules to individual devices or all devices belonging to a single user, making it easier to control access to your wi-fi. So, if your child has a smartphone, tablet and laptop you can create a group for all of these and apply the rules to the whole group at once, leaving other devices still connected.

Bedtime controls

Using the smart scheduling feature, with only a few taps on the app you can restrict internet access at bedtimes on specific days, or for the full week, and you can also vary the time settings day by day or for weekends. So, if bedtime starts at 9pm, the wi-fi can be programmed to pause at this time and resume again the next morning at 8am. You can also set different bedtime schedules for different users.

Guest Wi-Fi network

The first question asked by many guests is ‘What’s the wi-fi code?’ With the new Whole Home Wi-Fi app, sharing these details has never been quicker or safer. You can set up a separate network for guests, including an independent name and password, keeping any devices and content you have on your personal wi-fi secure. You can also schedule access to the guest network so that it’s only available at certain times of the day and you can also block any devices you don’t recognise.

The updated app means you can re-name devices to make them easier to recognise and it also gives you the option to schedule firmware updates for a time that suits you.

Since the launch of BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, we’ve added twin disc and single disc options, so now you can build your own wi-fi network to suit the size and complexity of your home (with up to six discs).

Erik Raphael, director of BT Wi-Fi, Devices and BT Shop, said: “These updates make life easier for our customers. Being able to control wi-fi access at mealtimes and bedtimes is great for family life and even your friend can benefit from a separate guest network that’s easy to access.”

BT is the market leader in mesh wi-fi, with an overall market share of 48 per cent.

Whole Home Wi-Fi is now available from the BT Shop ( priced at £189.99 for a triple pack, and £149.99 for a twin pack. It is also available at other selected retailers.