Dr. Angelos Mavridis

Senior Manager Wi-Fi

Deutsche Telekom AG

Angelos Mavridis has been in the last fifteen years the Wi-Fi Roaming Manager of Deutsche Telekom as main contact for roaming deals with the Wi-Fi networks of Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and UK, in Lufthansa lounges and in Airlines as well as for Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi roaming Aggregation Platform.

His responsibility is to develop the Wi-Fi roaming business of Deutsche Telekom with new wholesale models, new technologies and new footprint. He cooperates closely with the Inflight team of Deutsche Telekom which offers internet services in long-haul flights of several major airlines and in the short-haul flights of the Lufthansa group. His current interest is to develop new business opportunities with mobile operators by offering Wi-Fi roaming as cellular roaming mainly in airplanes.

He is representing the Deutsche Telekom group in the WBA already for eight years and is the bridge to his colleagues active in GSMA and in other alliances. In 2014 and 2015 he was co- leader of the Interoperability Compliance Programme (ICP) of the WBA. Since 2018 he is leading the WBA group “In-flight Connectivity” in the Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines Series.

Angelos has 30 years of experience in telecommunications working for Detecon, AT&T and Lucent Technologies, o.tel.o, and since 2000 for T-Mobile International and Deutsche Telekom in different positions in Germany. With his managing experience of R&D projects co-funded by the European Union he has been further involved in the European Commission in the selection and in the review of R&D projects in Internet Technology, eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living for 20 years.

Angelos Mavridis, born in Athens, Greece, holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Telecommunications from the University of Hannover and a Dr.-Ing. degree in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern. He is active in sports as athletics and archery with the Olympic recurve bow. He currently lives and works in Bonn, Germany, with his wife and his son.