The Wireless Broadband Alliance is proud to present this special initiative that will accelerate affordable wireless connectivity around the world with the HOPE for Connectivity charter

World Wi-Fi Day will be a global platform to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in getting cities and communities around the world connected. It will champion exciting and innovative solutions to help bridge the digital divide, with Connected City initiatives and new service launches at its core.

The HOPE for Connectivity charter directs the attention of cities, government bodies, fixed and mobile operators, technology vendors and Internet giants towards the critical influence and success of wireless connectivity in bridging the digital divide. It calls on governments, industry and public to recognize and celebrate the important role of Wi-Fi in socioeconomic development and to advance and accelerate affordable connectivity for the unconnected around the world.

The HOPE for Connectivity charter draws attention to four key themes rooted in the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s vision for World Wi-Fi Day:

  • Help: to fund Wi-Fi deployments that will connect unconnected communities around the world
  • Offer: more affordable Wi-Fi access to the unconnected communities in both rural and urban areas
  • Promote: the success of Wi-Fi in connecting cities and communities
  • Engage: and recognize the role of Wi-Fi in addressing the digital divide

The charter document also outlines diverse set of activities against each of the above stated four themes/pillars of the HOPE for Connectivity. This will offer an excellent opportunity for different stakeholders to support the World Wi-Fi Day by identifying and supporting a significant number of activities based on their areas of interest and focus. Amongst some of the activities that the supporters of World Wi-Fi Day can decide to undertake include, sharing videos, case studies, data findings on impacts of Wi-Fi, announcing projects related to connecting the unconnected or creating a better World with a better connectivity with Wi-Fi, providing more affordable or free Wi-Fi access to public or supporting Wi-Fi deployment to unconnected communities with financial funds, networks, end-user equipment, internet access or any other services. WBA also welcome for any creative or new ideas to recongise and celebrate the important role of Wi-Fi.

WBA’s World Wi-Fi Day and the HOPE for Connectivity charter has already received support from over 100 of the industry’s biggest names:

The Wireless Broadband Alliance invites and urges you to take part in World Wi-Fi Day.
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