Mr. Gabriel Desjardins

Director of Product Marketing


Gabriel is a Director of Product Marketing in Broadcom’s Wireless Connectivity division and started at Broadcom in 2010. He oversees all product management and product marketing for the company’s mobile connectivity devices, including Wi-Fi 6, 6 GHz and Bluetooth product lines. He works with numerous OEM customers and operator partners on new product designs and features. He has been active in WBA for three years with a focus on Wi-Fi 6 technologies, and serves as a liaison with other standards bodies within Broadcom.

He began his career as an RF circuit designer at two successful startup companies, and prior to joining Broadcom, he was also a data analyst for professional sports teams. He has a broad media portfolio, including speaking at numerous conferences, writing for a variety of publications including the Wall Street Journal, along with many radio and TV appearances.

Gabriel is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and is a lifelong hockey player. He has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from UC – Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Queen’s University in Canada. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.