10 Oct 2019, Maryland: Global connectivity solutions provider, Hughes Systique showcased its flagship product, the Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Solution at the Wireless Broadband Alliances’s Wireless Global Congress (WGC) held in Frankfurt.

The WGC was held over a period of 4 days between 30th Sept to 3rd Oct and Hughes Systique worked with WBA to enable seamless onboarding of delegates onto the live Wi-Fi network at the Westin Grand hotel for the WGC event via downloading of the Wi-Fi profiles using QR codes (Hotspot 2.0 Release 1 functionality). For this event, HSC also provided live Hotspot 2.0 Release 2 functionality using its OSU server (via Android 10 devices). HSC further upped the ante by showcasing an end-to-end demo of the recent Hotspot 2.0 Release 3 functionality too.

“We are delighted to showcase the Release 3 capabilities of our NGH solution and how it can help enterprises in improving their guest experience for connecting to Wi-Fi networks” said Ajay Gupta, SVP, Global Business Development at Hughes Systique

“It is fantastic to have members, like Hughes Systique, bring the latest capabilities to our events, and this was the first time PasspointTM Hotspot 2.0 Release 3 has been showcased at Wireless Global Congress,” said Tiago Rodrigues, CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance. “The WBA has a committed and ongoing program to accelerate the adoption of Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Passpoint capabilities which will continue to drive the seamless, secure and interoperable capabilities of Wi-Fi.

Hughes Systique’s NGH Solution has found great resonance and application in hospitality, in-flight, retail and co-working spaces where seamless and secure connectivity is highly desired by customers, service providers, and enterprises. HSC’s NGH Solution not only helps enterprises in providing enhanced customer experience but opens new revenue streams via proximity marketing and monetizing offload and empowers them with network insights with Wi-Fi analytics

About Hughes Systique:

Headquartered in Rockville, USA, Hughes Systique is a leading technology solutions provider with best-in-class domain experts, system architects, and engineering teams. HSC has been steering the digital transformation journey of its clients with its innovative solutions and accelerators in the areas of Travel and Hospitality, Retail, Automotive, Networks, Media Streaming, IoT and Security. Hughes Systique has helped its clients significantly reduce their Time-to-Market, monetize and optimize their business processes and successfully adapt to the changing business landscape.

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