Internet of Things

IoT Interoperability and Roaming – IoT Dynamic Roaming

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Betty Cockrell

Brian Shields

Dan Klearen

Mark Grayson


Project information

WBA members have worked together and setting the core priorities on a specific set of IoT use cases which are paving the way and focus on a range of IoT vertical segments.

Acknowledging value is migrating towards the IoT application, focus is on evolution of core WBA competencies associated with network connectivity, identity and service management. WBA is conducting analysis on the evolution of existing value chains and the future role of evolved Passpoint/NGH based roaming and WRIX roaming specification to accelerate the deployment of those services (unlicensed technologies, monetization/revenue, roaming capabilities).

Outcomes / Target Audience

In this project, WBA is focusing on delivering a new perspective to the IoT space facilitating the definition of identities which in the near term will result in broad interoperability and roaming capabilities. The whitepaper provides key insights and analysis of:

• Current roaming solutions across a myriad of
wireless technologies

Extrapolate roaming patterns for IoT applications

Baseline the WRIX framework as a foundational standard

Recommendation to support IoT expansion with Wi-Fi

Key recommendations to address the business issues of IoT Roaming

The paper is one of the must-read items for Industry players such as Integrated Operators, Cable Operators, IT Vendors, Infrastructure Vendors and Chipset Vendors, etc.


Unlicensed Access for IoT, New Value Chains, IoT Identities, Roaming, Verticals Interoperability

Business objectives

  • Identify business requirements for IoT roaming and interoperability
  • Improve the identity management for IoT and open up a new business driver for WBA


  • Definition of vertical markets and respective un-licensed access technologies
  • Enablement platforms, capabilities and IoT identities which impact WBA Members
  • Interoperability between technologies (IoT verticals)
  • Analysis of the evolution of existing value chains
  • IoT Identities and Roaming
  • IoT Dynamic Roaming
  • Evolution of Passpoint/NGH based roaming to accelerate the deployment of IoT services