JR WIlson

Mr. JR Wilson

Vice President, Tower Strategy and Roaming

AT&T Services, Inc

Mr. Wilson is responsible for evolving AT&T’s overall tower strategy which includes creating a diverse community of suppliers and tower companies who will help increase market competition, as well as overseeing AT&T’s domestic and international roaming relationships. JR is responsible for developing innovative international roaming products and services that create a seamless global experience. He leads AT&T’s Global Machine-to-Machine strategy, platform development, services contracts, negotiations, and carrier relations function through AT&T’s global SIM Platform.

JR is Chairman of Wireless Maritime Services (WMS), a joint venture of AT&T and MTN Satellite Communications and Chairman of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

Since joining AT&T Wireless Services (formerly Cingular) in 2001, he has led major wireless development projects in numerous international markets in Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Prior to his current position, he served in key roles covering corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture management, international roaming and strategy, and international development.

JR started his career in Seattle with Arthur Anderson after graduating from Syracuse University. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children.