The following text was provided by WBA member BAI Communications. Please visit their website to download your copy of the case study.

Canadians across the country let out a collective cheer when the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Basketball Championship in June 2019. The team’s home town erupted in celebration from the night of the nail biting Game 6 final to the celebratory parade held four days later.

As millions descended on Toronto’s downtown core, the city’s transport system had to quickly rise to the challenge of facilitating movement for Raptors fans and residents alike.

The unprecedented network traffic insights BAI detected on their subway Wi-Fi network would have:

  • Helped transit authorities make faster, better informed decisions during celebrations and guide resource allocation for the future.
  • Allowed City departments and first responders to tailor services deployed to conditions as they evolve in real-time.
  • Supported transit and municipal authorities in targeting messages during identified peak moments, based on objective usage data.

Find out how BAI’s data analytics can drive insights to help transit authorities and City officials adopt a data-driven approach, optimizing future city events – click here to download your copy of the case study.