Mojo Cognitive WiFi™ Software Available on Open Standards-based Access Points from Edgecore Networks

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 13, 2018 – Mojo Networks, the inventor of Cognitive WiFi™ and a leader in cloud-managed wireless networking, has announced that the company has partnered with Edgecore Networks to launch the industry’s first “White Box WiFi” solution. Mojo’s cloud-managed WiFi software is now available to customers who purchase wireless access points from Edgecore Networks.

“This is another major milestone in our mission to make open standards a reality in the WiFi industry,” noted Rick Wilmer, CEO of Mojo Networks. “Customers want more agility and less complexity. Proprietary hardware forces vendor lock-in, reduces customer choice, slows innovation, and inflates costs. Open standards foster increased competition and innovation, which directly lead to better products at lower prices. Customers have made it clear that they want a world where they can buy the best access point for their application, from anywhere, and manage it the way they want to, at fair costs. Customers are craving an open standard where access points all interoperate like light bulbs, and our partnership with Edgecore is helping to realize that goal.”

“Edgecore and Mojo share the same vision: we want bring the benefits of open networking to service providers and enterprises deploying access networks,” said George Tchaparian, CEO of Edgecore Networks. “By launching the industry’s first White Box WiFi solution, we’re satisfying significant demand from enterprises and managed service providers. Open WiFi networks are ready for large scale deployment.”

At the Open Compute Project U.S. Summit in March 2018, Mojo and Edgecore collaborated to deploy the world’s first large-scale “Open WiFi” network at the San Jose Convention Center. The interoperable network, comprised of Edgecore ECW5410 and Mojo C-130 Access Points, ran on Mojo’s NOS to provide high-performance secure WiFi to the 3400 show attendees gathering to discuss the benefits of an open hardware ecosystem.

Rick Wilmer, Mojo Networks CEO, is presenting a keynote session on “White Box WiFi” at the Wireless Global Congress in Orlando, Florida, on June 13, 2018. More details on the event can be found at,

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