One Click Delivers Secure, Seamless Wi-Fi Across Conference

MONDAY 29 OCTOBER, WIRELESS GLOBAL CONGRESS, LONDON: GlobalReach Technology has become the first Wi-Fi authentication and provisioning solutions provider to offer easy access to its Hotspot 2.0 subscriber profile via both new NFC tags and QR codes.

The tags and code will be available to delegates attending the WBA Wireless Global Congress this week. The latest in a list of user experience improvements, they’re also available as a whitelabel solution for carriers and enterprises to custom brand.

Delegates simply hold their device near the NFC tag or scan the QR code with their camera. The device automatically downloads the Hotspot 2.0 profile for secure, automatic connection across the London Heathrow Marriott.

This provides a free, one-time download of the Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 OSU profile, for ‘mobile-like’, secure and automatic roaming across brands and groups like restaurants, bars, hotels and transport links.

Already a recognised as an industry-leading solution, the GlobalReach OSU can be used at next generation city networks including LinkNYC, San Francisco and San Jose municipal networks, plus the global cities trialling free Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 roaming services under the World Wi-Fi Day umbrella. GlobalReach is a technology supporter and will be providing its OSU for the 3rd year running.

“Using Next Generation Hotspot and PasspointTM technology, the user experience is automatic and secure. Solutions like the GlobalReach NFC tags and QR code allow wireless service providers, cities and enterprises to provide an easy way to connect their customers and guests to Wi-Fi. Improving the ease of use has been one of the pillar of the Next Generation Hotspot Program in WBA” said Tiago Rodrigues, Senior Director, Wireless Broadband Alliance.

The GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform features an in-built Hotspot 2.0 OSU as standard. As an alternative, the profile can be downloaded from or via the GlobalReach Odyssys app (for Android, iOS & Windows 10).

About GlobalReach Technology

GlobalReach is a carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions and services specialist. We deliver, manage and monetize Wi-Fi services and solutions for a number of global brands, cities and carrier networks around the World. Our customers include a major national coffee shop chain in the USA, the London Underground, large-scale municipal networks like LinkNYC, San Francisco and San Jose, in-flight Wi-Fi for pan-continental airlines, and carrier SMB services.

Our carrier and wireless service provider clients include Vodafone Group, Virgin Media, CenturyLink, Proximus, Telecom Malaysia, Liquid Telecom, XLN, Cisco, HP Aruba, and Ruckus Wireless. Our platform supports billions of authentications, supporting all major device brands and operating systems.