The Wireless Broadband Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the Carrier Wireless Services Certification (CWSC) program aimed at Network Operators and equipment/infrastructure Vendors . The program will simulate end customer usability in a real network environment to ensure that devices are ready for worldwide commercial deployments, reducing customer support time for carriers and time to market for vendors. Participants in the program include AT&T, Boingo, Shaw Communications, HPE-Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, together with the Authorized Test Labs of Dekra, Kyrio and UL.

CWSC is the output of the WBA’s multi-operator Next-Generation Hotspot (NGH) trial program, which has been running since 2011 in collaboration with the WBA and its Members. By creating a platform that enables companies to test equipment based on Operator defined use cases, any existing industry gaps or issues can be addressed prior to commercial release. Led by an experienced team from the Authorised Test Labs this program can immediately support Wi-Fi Roaming and Wi-Fi Offload, with future Certification including NGH In-line Provisioning (secure SSID), Wi-Fi Calling, Policy Interworking (ANDSF & HS2.0),Quality of Service (end to end) and 5G Interoperability (Unlicensed integration)Through the commercial launch of the CWSC program the WBA aims to foster worldwide commercial deployments and solve a number of business issues:

• Operators: CWSC allows carriers to test Wi-Fi services from end-to-end (provisioning and billing) against different equipment and credentials. This removes issues prior to commercial release, ensuring a better customer experience.

• Vendors can avoid repetitive testing with different carriers, instead testing multiple devices across multiple carrier networks, gaining time to market. Vendors can also gain interoperability Certification to validate carrier’s requirements in order to facilitate sales, and save testing resources.

• Consumers: The certification program serves to identify any issues with device interoperability ahead of its launch onto the network, removing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and guaranteeing a consistent user experience.

Interested in participating in the WBA Carrier Wireless Services Certification? Please contact for more information, or visit the CWSC web page to find out more.