Unlicensed Meets Licensed

Emerging trends such as fully dynamic spectrum and network sharing will pave the way for the next generation of wireless and broadband platforms and business models, which go under the umbrella term ‘5G’. There are no official standards yet – or even any consensus on whether 5G will, like previous generations, revolve around a brand new air interface (or several of them, for different purposes). This programme has been developed to champion the discussions on the convergence and co-existence of Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless technologies, the development of 5G and also to lead the development of guidelines on Converged Services

Trials & Testing

Testing of Devices with Overlapping Coverage of Unlicensed Networks: Wi-Fi <> LTE variations

Technical analysis and commercial trials on the impact of interference originating from wireless devices/networks sharing the unlicensed spectrum (such as LTE-U) on the performance of Wi-Fi networks.

Seamless User Experience Trial

Promote the convergence between cellular and NGH networks. This trial will facilitate the understanding and identify challenges which operators have to face to implement seamless sessions transfer technologies effectively.

Guidelines & Market Convergence

Convergence of Cellular and NGH networks – Policy Whitepaper

Policy is becoming a key tool for operators to manage networks and deliver the best experience possible to their customers. This project consists in a white paper to facilitate the understanding and identify challenges that operators face to implement solutions for policy, particularly integrating 3GPP ANDSF & Passpoint Release 2.

Unlicensed LTE: Market Drivers

Create a document examining and contrasting different proposed solutions (LAA, LWA and LTE-U) for leveraging unlicensed spectrum to augment LTE in licensed spectrum, including market and deployment perspectives.

Role of Wi-Fi in the 5G Era Whitepaper

Objective is to summarize a clear definition of 5G networks and its components / technologies / architecture and explore how 5G will increase network capacity, offload, services enablement, policy, etc., exposing the role of Wi-Fi and unlicensed technologies in 5G networks to the Industry in general.

Coordinated Shared Spectrum (CSS)

This program will evaluate the business models that will be supported by CSS management regimes. Thus, will perform a broad, cross-industry study on the business models supported by, or enabled by, CSS.