WEDNESDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2019, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA: GlobalReach Technology has added Hotspot 2.0 to enable roaming services for its customers. Hotspot 2.0 improves the user experience, with better, seamless connectivity at enterprise and city networks. Service provider customers using the GlobalReach service are now able to further monetise their Wi-Fi footprints through commercial roaming agreements and working with service provider partners to offload traffic.

GlobalReach has been working with its customers and partners who have seen Hotspot 2.0 significantly improve their onboarding experience, by giving their network subscribers a secure frictionless connection, increasing service quality and delivering a better brand experience. The mobile-like, Hotspot 2.0 connection increases the appeal of these networks to commercial roaming partners. The service can quickly grow coverage footprints in new territories and hard to reach locations where cellular network performance is poor, opening a new revenue stream for the service provider.

While being a rapid way to extend a roaming footprint and improve the user experience, connecting to Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi networks also increases both the attach rate and traffic per user. They also allow roaming partners to free their LTE networks for lower priority traffic, making commercial agreements a priority for networks wanting reduce churn and increase customer retention.

The GlobalReach roaming solution is for brands and enterprises who wish to enable secure roaming on Hotspot 2.0 networks where they were previously unable to monetise roaming. The service includes advice and guidance on policy management, which will allow operators to choose which Wi-Fi networks meet their requirements, and to open them to their subscribers.

Roaming networks can set policies to decide when their subscribers should use cellular or when Wi-Fi. For example, a Wi-Fi-first strategy when cellular network performance is poor. The hub also allows for more sophisticated policies based on application type, traffic type, device type, subscriber plan, or network conditions.

With 24/7 availability to provide quality assurance for global service coverage and network performance, GlobalReach delivers a user experience, high reliability and scale, that limits subscriber churn and reduces unpredictable LTE roaming costs.

“Next Generation Hotspot Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 technology is now integral to a better Wi-Fi user experience. It enables the same automatic and secure connection that subscribers use on carriers’ cellular networks. For the roaming experience between LTE and Wi-Fi networks to be truly seamless, using Hotspot 2.0 enables previously inaccessible networks to join the wider federated Wi-Fi community. It is the obvious, carrier grade solution,” said Mark Carter, chief product officer, GlobalReach Technology.

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