Carrier Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Value Add – Location Based Services (LBS) and Advertising

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Project information

Indoor Location-Based Services over Wi-Fi networks have become very important for many venues globally, where Wi-Fi networks are already available. However, there are significant Wi-Fi network related concerns and issues that need to be addressed for reliable, scalable and standard-based enablements to take place and all ecosystems to benefit from. The Industry should study the possibility of standardizing the Wi-Fi based LBS analytics, to develop a harmonized mechanism to make device MAC Address and the detailed information (RSSI, Time Stamp) available to the analytics engine and servers, and enabling for value added services. User device information is available through 802.11 standard frames such as Probe request, Data messages and ACK Messages from devices and these frames are transmitted regularly (different period depending on OS version). Some vendors and service providers have their own proprietary solutions for gathering above message frames for LBS solutions, but these solutions are not interoperable with one another. Operators and LBS service providers which have AP provided from different vendors can extend their LBS business if each solution is interoperable by standard or certificate program.

Outcomes / Target Audience

Driven by the needs of the operators, WBA, leveraging its earlier work on LBS in 2015 and new industry developments to study how to address identified issues and explore the creation of a reliable, scalable and standard based solution available to the industry.


Location, end-user device, analytics, RSSI, MAC Address, Probe, business case, geofencing, Wi-Fi coverage

Business objectives

  • Identify the business opportunities and challenges for LBS and advertising

  • Foster the deployment of LBS and advertising


  • Opportunities for operators and various venues for Indoor Wi-Fi based analytics, including the use cases that will support and benefit from a standardize LBS analytics. Provide a guideline for an end-to-end system enabling the Wi-Fi based analytics solution. Develop minimum set of requirements. Identify the gaps for standard based solutions. Specify the systems behavior with its components. Field trials based on this set of standards that differentiate from other efforts in the Industry
  • Leverage the previous WBA work on LBS over Wi-Fi. Identify the market opportunities and related Use Cases that justify the development of a standardization of a minimum set of requirements for AP Interfaces for LBS analytics over Wi-Fi, based on geographic outreach and criticalness
  • Identify the challenges for an industry standardization or recommendation of device based LBS over Wi-Fi metrics measurement. Also, analyse industry standardization items addressing Emergency related topics