WBA will drive the connected cities and IoT ecosystem through guidelines, best practices and development of public-private collaboration.


IoT Streams

The diverse range of IoT vertical segments can easily dilute focus. Hence, WBA members are engaging to set priorities on a specific set of IoT use cases which are paving the way.

WBA is conducting analysis on the business requirements for IoT roaming and interoperability, and to improve the identity management for IoT and the future role of evolved Passpoint/NGH based roaming to accelerate the deployment of those services (unlicensed technologies, monetization/ revenue, roaming capabilities).

Connected City Blueprint

Written and compiled with the guidance of the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB), the Connected City Blueprint aims to identify the business opportunities and challenges for a Connected City. It serves as the first in an ongoing series of documents that will deliver practical templates and requirements to facilitate connectivity management. It also presents the views, case studies, and opinions of city officials, local authorities, and more.

Download the Blueprint here.

Connected City Advisory Board

The Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB) develops, shares and promotes thought-leadership and practical framework for the social and economic development and sustainable operation of the Connected City ecosystem. Get more info on the CCAB here.