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In-Flight Connectivity

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Business objectives

• Showcase of monetization models to maximize revenue and differentiating services of the investment /ROI in the In-Flight connectivity business

• Definition of standard architecture and deployment guidelines for interoperable, scalable and high-quality services and connectivity with air to ground Wi-Fi on flights

Project information

There are over 80 airlines offering in-flight Wi-Fi worldwide, and Wi-Fi will further spread its wings in the years to come.  With the increased demand for connectivity amongst passengers,
in-flight connectivity, particularly in the form of Wi-Fi, is becoming increasingly important.

The WBA’s In-Flight Connectivity project is the first vertical focus in the Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines series.

Target Audience

Target Audience includes WBA members, Airline Transportation & Manufacturers, Satellites and Air-to-ground Operators, In-Flight connectivity hardware/software providers, Touristic Industry service providers, IoT Players exploring in-flight data analytics, Wi-Fi advocates, industry analysts, Wi-Fi operators, Cellular Operators, networking equipment providers.


  • Provide industry deployment guidelines for in-flight connectivity
  • Set the benchmark for the value proposition of in-flight connectivity and recommendation of monetization tactics for airlines
  • Analyze the challenges and opportunities for inflight connectivity enablement options with user experience cases
  • Develop a set of test cases and checklist for optimal In-flight Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Offer Wi-Fi Roaming and Offload Certification for In-flight Connectivity


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