Every year on June 20, the Wireless Broadband Alliance, along with our members, partners, and the wider Wi-Fi ecosystem, come together to celebrate World Wi-Fi Day – an initiative where we raise awareness and work to “Connect the Unconnected.” In 2020, Wi-Fi has proven to be more important to the world at large than ever before, with the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in millions of families spending the majority of their time at home. Work, education, entertainment, and staying connected with loved ones – the role of Wi-Fi in all of these can’t be understated, and World Wi-Fi Day serves to raise awareness of the fact that Wi-Fi is a necessity, not a luxury, for people around the globe.

Here’s a look back at some of the top case studies that were shared for World Wi-Fi Day:

C-DOT Satellite Wi-Fi (C-Sat-fi®): To Connect the Unconnected

“C-Sat-Fi (C-DOT Satellite Wi-Fi) was successfully tested during all the Field Trial and demonstrated digital connectivity in remote and unconnected areas by using Wi-Fi for access and satellite link as backhaul technology. A single such system is capable of providing digital connectivity in a low-density village like Talli Sethi, Gokulpur and Birchandranagar village.”

Moving Millions, a case study on the Toronto Raptors’ championship run by BAI Communications

“Canadians across the country let out a collective cheer when the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Basketball Championship in June 2019. As millions descended on Toronto’s downtown core, the city’s transport system had to quickly rise to the challenge of facilitating movement for Raptors fans and residents alike – including the subway Wi-Fi network.”

Altai Brings Free Wi-Fi to Yunnan to Boost Tourism

“In the beautiful Xinhua Village of Dali Old Town, travelers can now enjoy the tour by simply connecting to the resourceful Yunnan tour app with Altai’s reliable Wi-Fi network. Altai’s solution has also allowed Yunnan to collect useful data to further develop its tourism industry.”

Altai Enables Hot Zones in Maldives

“Altai has installed ~30+ devices at different locations in Maldives’ islands. After the deployment has been completed, tourists to Maldives can enjoy high quality Wi-Fi network to stay connected to the rest of the world when being embraced by the beautiful views of Maldives.”

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