The Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN® Deployment Synergies white paper illustrates new business opportunities for Mobile operators, enterprises, cities and other key Internet of Things (IoT) market players that are created when Wi-Fi networks that are traditionally built to support critical IoT are merged with LoRaWAN® networks. This paper summarizes the strengths of each technology, their individual positions in the IoT ecosystem, state their complementary nature, the way that both technologies can be easily deployed simultaneously and provide testimonials.

When utilized in conjunction with one another, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN networks optimize a number of IoT use cases, including Smart Building/Smart Hospitality, Residential Connectivity, Automotive & Smart Transportation and many more.

This paper showcases to Wi-Fi network owners and/or network service providers how LoRaWAN® can be deployed on the top of an existing Wi-Fi network and, as a complement, will allow for operational costs optimization.