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Project information

Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Trials – In an effort to further bolster the expansion of NGH in the wireless ecosystem this testing effort is to build on the efforts performed in previous phases and expand the testing efforts beyond what is available in the HotSpot 2.0 (HS2.0) specifications and initial user experience. In this project the effort include testing and further validation of additional devices that declare themselves HS 2.0 compliant and not showing as certified on publicly available sources.

Next Generation Wi-Fi Live Globalization / City Wi-Fi Roaming Trial
– These initiatives deliver fully operational Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Wi-Fi network in grand scale in straight partnership with City authorities and other venues raising participation numbers to a scale of tens of thousands.

If you would like to propose a deployment scenario or a partnership to deliver Next Gen Wi-Fi at a specific event please contact:

Outcomes / Target Audience

All in all, a stepping stone towards commercial deployments:

More testing on key features for operators in order to deploy commercial networks (e.g. Online sign-up, 802.11 association)

Open to more devices which are widely available on the market (e.g. iPhone, Google Nexus, LG Stylus/X)

Open to operating systems for the first time (e.g. Android 7.0, Windows 10)


NGH, Live Testing, Wi-Fi Roaming, Passpoint, HS2.0 R1&R2, RADIUS, Online Sign-up, Operator/user policy, City Roaming

Business objectives

  • Improve customer experience on NGH networks by eliminating barriers (devices and infrastructure).

  • Give more confidence to service providers to invest in NGH and device vendors to develop support NGH.


  • Definition of a scope document with use cases
    relating to practical usage of NGH networks
  • Focus on roaming scenarios testing by multiple partners
  • Focus on HS2.0 R1 and R2 capabilities testing
    in a real world environment
  • Development of test plan spanning across all potential case scenarios
  • Testing multiple devices currently available in the market
  • Discussion forum to address NGH related topics