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Project information

The WBA acronym WRIX stands for Wireless Roaming Intermediary eXchange. One of the main aims of WRIX is the enhancement of the roaming experience for the customers of WBA wireless networks. The WBA WRIX Umbrella Document describes all the sub-parts of the WRIX portfolio: WRIX for Network (WRIX-n) (This Document); WRIX for Radius Interconnection (WRIX-i); WRIX for Clearing (Data and Financial) (WRIX – d/f); Location Feed Format & File Exchange Standard (WRIX-L).

Outcomes / Target Audience

This frameworks aims to help operators avoid some of the network configuration pitfalls and shorten the operator learning experience but also to standardise the approach between operators to ensure the best roaming experience for WBA wireless network users, and to promote the rapid set up of roaming agreements between WBA operators using standardised financial and technical approaches based on WRIX.


Wi-Fi Roaming, Carrier Wi-Fi, Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Interconnect

Business objectives

  • Accelerate Wi-Fi Roaming services by continuous improvements on WBA documentation

  • Grow WBA members roaming business by providing the necessary tools to facilitate interconnections


  • Guidelines for Network Deployment for Operators to Create, Upgrade or Optimize Their Wi-Fi Networks to provide Wi-Fi roaming services and interoperability:

    • Authentication Methods
    • Connection Bandwidth Requirements
    • Network Discovery and Selection Features
    • NGH Network Security and management
    • User Experience
    • Information Exchange
    • Profile Management
    • Governance Model
  • The group also maintains Interoperability Compliancy Program (ICP) promoting that operators work collaboratively on a common set of technical and commercial frameworks for Wi-Fi roaming.