Carrier Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines (Enterprise, In-Home and Public)

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Vladan Jevremovic & Tirtho Deb

Malcolm Smith


Project information

Nowadays, Wi-Fi deployments face several challenges that benefit from a collaborative industry effort to create a new level of efficiency, performance and reduced time-to-market. Given the inconsistencies in deployment methods and resulting differences in meeting end-user expectations, an industry-wide set of deployment guidelines will help ensure more a standardized approach in effectively deploying Wi-Fi networks, across industry verticals.

This project defines an industry standardized approach encompassing different deployments phases across different types of environments:

Pre-installation guidelines

2 Design

3 Installation and testing

4 Configuration and operation

Outcomes / Target Audience

The Wi-Fi Deployment Guideline Series help operators & technology players to make the best decisions when deploying their networks. The Guidelines and the Checklists cover a collection of baseline standards that encompass the lifecycle deployment phases including: Planning Guidelines, Site Survey, Radio Spectrum Analysis, Wi-Fi Network Implementation, and Configuration and Operation to targeted vertical market.

This umbrella forms the basis of the Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines Series that the WBA will extend to key industry verticals and applications. The focus areas making up the series in 2018 include: In-Flight Connectivity, In-Home Wi-Fi, Enterprise Wi-Fi, Venue/Stadium Wi-Fi, City Wi-Fi, and Hospitality Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi Deployment, Installation, Design, Testing, RF management, Configuration

Business objectives

  • Harmonize Wi-Fi networks for best practice deployment addressing multiple verticals

  • Give more confidence to service providers to deploy Wi-Fi networks


  • Wi-Fi Deployment Baseline:
    1. Pre-installation guidelines (Site survey, Radio spectrum analysis)
    2. Design (Design objectives & KPI targets, Wi-Fi network design)
    3. Installation and testing (Channel management, Performance considerations)
    4. Configuration and operation
  • Leverage different industry perspectives coming from selected sectors:
    Enterprise wireless
    Airplane case (In-flight)
    Fixed Wireless Access (Point to point links)
    City wide case
    Ground transportation
    Services perspective – how this implicates the installation and testing (e.g. LBS, new HD video)