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In-Home Wi-Fi

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Business objectives

• Identify In-Home Broadband Carriers requirements towards the improvement of the in-home
Wi-Fi customer experience to better delivery a wide range of Smart home capabilities and services

• Provide market assessment of the current In-Home Wi-Fi issues and gaps and analyse the
market landscape with recommendation for future work on the Internet of Things (IoT)

Project information

In this new white paper, the WBA tackles the challenges that have contributed to inconsistent performance in the home, including a lack of uniform coverage and visibility into the in-home Wi-Fi experience. The paper provides an industry go-to reference when preparing for ‘Smart Home’ deployments. It identifies the gaps in current in-home Wi-Fi standards and services and highlights the need for intelligent network optimization. WBA has proposed key guidelines and recommendations for different functional areas and as a follow up this paper identifies future lines of work and possible directions the In-Home Wi-Fi network may take.

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Target Audience

Target Audience includes WBA members, IoT service providers, Wi-Fi advocates, industry analysts, Wi-Fi operators, Cellular Operators, networking equipment providers, chip set providers.


  • Delivery of prioritized In-home Wi-Fi carrier requirements
  • Roadmap of standardization efforts across industry bodies
  • Symbiotic assessment on residential gateway provider, device provider and chipset vendors collaboration opportunities
  • Identification and actuation plan on current issues / gaps
  • Value-add performance testing on areas that can transversally help the industry


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