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WBA Annual Industry Report 2020

Today there are over 9 billion Wi-Fi devices globally; This is easily the most dynamic time for anyone involved with Wi-Fi – from service providers to technology vendors – as the industry addresses massive opportunities from Wi-Fi 6 and unlicensed spectrum to 5G convergence, Wi-Fi roaming and IoT. Wi-Fi is a multi-billion dollar industry which reaches into every area of our lives, in home, at work and leisure and increasingly in the way machines talk to each other (IoT).

With non-stop innovation in the industry, Wi-Fi will continue its incredible growth creating both opportunities and challenges and in this year’s Annual Industry Report we take a look at the key take-outs for 2019 and look ahead over the next 18-24 months as Wi-Fi keeps evolving, powering new devices and applications, and reaching new users. Never has there been a more exciting time – so if you haven’t already, join the Wi-Fi revolution!

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City Wi-Fi Roaming Report 2019

The WBA City Wi-Fi Roaming Trial is part of the World Wi-Fi Day initiative, with an overall goal of accelerating affordable wireless connectivity around the world. The Trial aims to promote and foster the adoption of Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) around the globe.

These initiatives deliver a fully-operational NGH Wi-Fi network on a large scale, and partnerships with city authorities, operators, technology players and roaming hubs are raising participation numbers by a large margin.

The Trial allows residents and visitors of major cities around the world to automatically and securely roam between public Wi-Fi networks.

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