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Guest Blog: Deploying Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) in Stadiums for an Immersive Fan Experience

This blog was written by WBA member Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC). Growing adoption and evolution of smartphones has had a significant impact on the sports and entertainment industries. A recent study by Cisco revealed that 57% of the fans prefer to watch sporting events at home as opposed to the real venues. At a time when


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Guest Blog – 5G and Wi-Fi 6: Can the Romans and Gauls Ever Work Together?

The last 20 years has seen the case for cellular and Wi-fi convergence grow stronger (This blog was written by Global Reach Technology Managing Director, and WBA Board Member, Chris Bruce) A former colleague of mine posed this rhetorical question more than 10 years ago at an early Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) conference in London.


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Guest Blog: Role Of OTT In The Hospitality Industry

This blog was written by WBA member Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC). Adding a comprehensive new dimension to the Guestroom TV Technological advances have been instrumental in driving change in human lives and in steering the digital transformation journey of several industries. The hospitality industry is one such industry that has been reaping rich dividends by


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Guest Blog: Keep The Radio On – Bond Use Case Studies from Mobolize

This blog was written by Colleen LeCount, Chief Revenue Officer at Mobolize. Wi-Fi dead zones can provide a great opportunity for mobile operators to manage network cost and customer experience. What might seem an issue that’s hard and costly to manage can really be an opportunity that solves a common, frustrating problem for mobile users


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WBA Wi-Fi Sensing White Paper Examines New Technology that Enables a Whole New Use for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can be used for more than just transmitting and receiving radio waves for device communication. Wi-Fi Sensing repurposes existing Wi-Fi signals to detect motion. This ground-breaking technology operates similar to a radar system, gathering and interpreting environmental dynamics to enable new Wi-Fi services. The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is proud to introduce


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Creates Numerous Use Cases and Monetization Opportunities for Wi-Fi

Creates Numerous Use Cases and Monetization Opportunities for Wi-Fi - Pedro Mouta, Manager – PMO As homes and enterprises become increasingly smarter, their dependence upon and interaction with Wi-Fi increases exponentially. Wi-Fi sensing (also known as RF Sensing), a new technology that enables motion detection using existing Wi-Fi signals, is certain to further cement


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Guest Blog: The Frictionless Wi-Fi Experience

This blog was submitted to WBA by Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC). In today’s era of rapid digital innovations, guest Wi-Fi is among the most desired amenities across geographies and communities, and therefore, is a critical component of the digital experience for any company. A frictionless Wi-Fi experience is defined by various factors which play an


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In-Flight Connectivity

Pedro Mouta, Manager - PMO When new potential connectivity streams are discussed, the evolution of the In-Flight business case is generally seen as an excellent opportunity. As you might be aware of, this isn’t a new thing; Wi-Fi has been available on selected airplanes for more than a decade now, but truth is


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Latest WBA White Paper Explores Captive Portal Behavior & Future Evolution

Pedro Mouta, Manager - PMO Most public Wi-Fi networks rely upon short-term or temporary internet access, often initiating new connections with a captive portal mini-browser (CPMB). For instance, CPMBs can be used to glean information from users through login pages, and they’re also used to ensure that users agree to acceptable use policies


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Wi-Fi 6 Plays Key Role In Smart Homes

Building and retrofitting homes today is vastly different than any other time in history, as homeowners increasingly want their homes to be smart. What “smart” looks like varies across demographics and geographies, ranging from a home equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans to a home in which


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